fortunate timing

When I was prescribed antibiotics (metronidazole), the doctor warned me not to combine these pills with alcohol as the side effects would be rather severe. I had no problem heeding this advice as I was pleased to note that the 7 day course ended on Tuesday 23 August which was 24 hours before I was meeting up with an old friend visiting the UK all the way from Perth together with a couple of other good friends from college days.

As a result of my presence on, I also invited another Australian chap who also happened to be in London attending DrupalCon. Rather than board a bus with 120 Drupal technical nerds to discuss an ‘overhaul of the node structure in Drupal 8’, this gentleman preferred a night supping real ale in a traditional London hostelry followed by the great English tradition – a curry.

Ruben Hillier – we salute you !

It was a fun night. One of my mates was completely flummoxed when I aired my perennial conversation stopper of ‘Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a woman ?’. As he recoiled from this shock, he was then stupefied to hear I had recorded a podcast that was not actually a podcast.

A few pints with some old mates and one new one followed by a curry. A very enjoyable evening.

The following night was also good fun as my wife had just completed a degree in District Nursing at South Bank University and invited her fellow students and nursing colleagues to our house for a barbecue. I endeavored to cook, dish up the food and tidy up so my wife could relax and enjoy her evening with all her friends as it was her celebration after all.

At the time, I didn’t attach any particular significance to these two social events being sandwiched between a no alcohol ban and my appointment with the consultant.