branch not a fork

$ git branch pita

People never write in and ask ‘Hey Norman – you already have an award winning blog over at so why are you recounting this adventure here and not there ?’.

That is a perfectly valid question, particularly as I have spent months getting Drupal configured, finally settled on Markdown for all my writing needs and been fiercely critical of the WordPress user interface – specifically the ‘Add New Post’ form into which I am writing these words.

The reasons are:

  • The content here is rather different and darker in tone and content than ‘Blog In Isolation’ which was supposed to make me laugh whereas ‘Mr. C meets Mr. C’ is more like a conventional diary of one man’s fight against a very common but horrible illness. Less laughter, more emotion.
  • I honestly didn’t think this content would be of interest to readers of ‘Blog In Isolation’ although that blog is, to all intents and purposes, while not dead – currently silent, comatose and hooked up to a life support machine.
  • I wanted to start this blog quickly. I could have used Habari, Posterous or Tumblr but this placeholder blog was here and waiting. As I once memorably said to Michael – ‘It’s just a means of getting words onto a page’.
  • WordPress is a fantastic and convenient blogging tool. Sitemaps, statistics, Google submission, WYSIWYG editor – all bundled in core.
  • I originally thought this would be a niche blog which might find more kindred spirits within the community than elsewhere.
  • Starting from zero and organic gardening has always appealed to me.
  • I view the next 12 months as a rather irritating (albeit necessary) diversion from my life. I intend to emerge victorious and fully resume my life . I suspect that, when I do, I will be a much nicer person, husband, son, brother and father than I was previously. And probably much thinner too.