waterboarding and twice daily oral

In my haste, I forgot to describe a couple of additional issues associated with my radiotherapy treatment. Although my IV chemotherapy had finished, I was given more chemotherapy in the form of pills (Capecitabine).

For this twice daily oral, the doctor insisted that the pills should be taken at 12 hour intervals and within 10 minutes of the same time every single day. Consequently, I had alarms set at 08:00am and 08:00pm to remind to swallow these toxic drugs (3 pills in the morning and 5 at night) 30 minutes after food.

The list of side effects was similar to the IV chemotherapy (the pills are very similar but dispense about 50% of the IV dosage) and thankfully, I didn’t suffer from any side effects apart from hunting down my phone in order to silence the alarm. In fact, the worst part was that grapefruit juice, grapefruit segments or a grapefruit were now off-limits as this can hinder the breakdown of the chemotherapy and result in a mini overdose. Strange but true.

In addition to the novel concept of getting oral at regular intervals, twice a day, the other addition to my exciting daily schedule was to consume 700ml of water 60 minutes prior to my radiotherapy appointment.

Now, of course, it is trivial to neck a couple of pints of beer in a hostelry surrounded by friends before you can say ‘Whose round is it ?’. However, the prospect of drinking 1.23 pints of plain, boring, cold water – just after breakfast which already included a glass of orange juice and the non-negotiable cup of tea – was not always a pleasant one. Anyway, the clever doctors know best so I just did what I was told.

As always, there is a method behind the apparent madness; consuming the water fills the bladder which helps to move it upwards and away from the bowel area leaving the radiotherapy with a higher chance of success.